Thursday, January 12, 2006

I've Moved - But Rachael Ray's still on my new site!

Check out my NEW SITE! When I started this site, I was using it to talk about Rachael Ray, post recipes, etc. I found that it limited what I wanted to talk about, so moved over to my new site, Merri Musings. The link above will point you to my section on all things Rachael Ray, but please feel free to explore the rest of my blog - I have a section called "Eat, Drink and be Merri" which is full of recipes, and the rest of my categories are more day-to-day, non-Rachael, non-food posts. I appreciate you stopping by here, but be sure to click that link and stop over at my new home. I also look forward to you marking "Merri Musings" as one of your favorite places to stop! Thanks! Merri

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